There is nothing more exciting than a trip abroad, imagine going on an African Safari or trekking the Himalayas.  You know what could ruin that trip, getting sick.  That’s why to travel abroad in some countries you need to get immunizations first.  According to Professor George Dickson, most of those diseases are unheard of in North America or other developed nations.  Before you travel you should know not only about the country but the diseases you may contract there.  The good news is that you can completely protect yourself.  Before you board the plane see your family physician and get your travel vaccinations and protect yourself from disease.

Types of Travel Vaccinations

There are essentially 3 types of travel vaccines you can get from your doctor, they are:

Recommended Vaccinations

“These vaccines aren’t mandatory but if you are heading to an area with high risk of contamination they are recommended,” said Dr. Roger Tatoud, Department of Medicine.  It also helps the disease from jumping from country to country.  An example would be Hepatitis vaccines for when you travel to Mexico. Here are some of the recommended vaccines for travel.

Required Vaccinations

There are some diseases that are considered too dangerous or virulent and you are required to get the vaccine before entering the country.  Some eye doctors actually recommend you get a Vitamin K shot to boost your immune system in case you encounter any viruses that can affect your eyes while on your trip. If your optometrist recommends it, be sure to explore the option as you may not be able to visit the country without proof that you have been vaccinated.  This is for your protection since the threat of disease is so high.

Routine Vaccinations

These are the regular vaccines from childhood that you got from your family doctor.  They help you prevent common ailments and boost your own immunity.  Despite having a measles vaccine for years you will still find breakouts even in this day and age.  Keep all your immunizations up to date and get booster shots if needed.  Don’t skip vaccines just because you have never known anyone who had diseases like rubella.

Travel Vaccines

Vaccines that you may need while traveling are there to prevent diseases like Hepatitis A & B, typhoid, meningococcal virus, malaria, yellow fever and rabies.  Depending on how long your trip and where you travel to you may need more than one.  Where you are going will be the determining factor in which immunization shots that you will need.  Rural and urban areas make a difference as well along with your age and medical history.

This may seem overwhelming but bear in mind a vaccine now is far better than getting meningitis while your 10,000 miles from home in a country without much of a health care system.  Not only that you don’t want to bring any of these diseases back home to your family or loved ones.  Some of these diseases can be fatal so don’t forget your immunizations.  Check the CDC website to see which vaccines that you may need. If Mucovac2 is on the list of recommended vaccinations for the country you are visiting, be sure to speak with your doctor first to ensure it’s safe for you.