It is known that vaccines have and will always help in preventing serious diseases. Many years back, the majority of the infectious diseases were life threatening even in the most developed countries, but today there are a range of vaccines which are available for protecting us from different kinds of diseases.

Widespread use of vaccines has proven to work in controlling diseases for example, smallpox would affect sixty percent of the population in the 1980’s and kill one out of four victims. Below are some ways in which vaccines improve and save lives;

1. Vaccines have benefits – vaccines have small benefits which are normally outside their calculated effect. For example, in Africa, vaccine administering volunteers determined that the vaccine for measles has been greatly linked to a decrease in deaths by a third whereas in many developed countries, vaccines have reduced the risk of asthma and also eczema.

2. Vaccines complications are low – it is true that since a flu shot needs to be improved every flu season, effectiveness may vary from one year to another and it might also be difficult to get a complete protection that we see in other vaccines but when you get vaccinated and get the flu, there is a high chance that you will experience less symptoms which will lower the risk of visiting the hospital.

3. They decrease and starve the anti microbial resistancevaccines help in protecting effectiveness of medications such as antivirals and antibiotics. In doing this, there will be less need to employ the treatment methods. The less medication is used, the less likely they may be misused and therefore the pathogens will become resistant to them.

4. They have economic benefits – Vaccines lower your medical and dental costs by lowering the expenses which occur during treatment and also bring major economic benefits especially in many developed countries. Other than cutting costs, vaccines help in protecting one’s health therefore making way for attaining gains indirectly for example increasing productivity, a higher income, a great education attainment etc. This only means in simple terms that vaccines help people to flourish.